This story is [mostly] true:

While smoking a cigarette, Michael Danke met Toshi Yanagi outside the Saturday night Rock-n-Bowl in Fountain Valley, California. They had much in common and hit it off immediately. After some time they decided to go into business together. They founded Mud flaps, LLC because they felt people needed more diversity in their fast-food.

The idea was simple. Make the best damn Breaded-Pickle sandwiches found in Southern California. They quickly teamed up with Tim Lesh and Tim Santen; former street clowns, and began building their highly anticipated sandwich shop. (Which included a drive-through)

The gang was impassioned with ideas for more products. Tim and Tim had almost completed their breaded clown suits when disaster struck. Toshi was insistent on including his “Bun-Taco” for a menu item. Michael felt this was a horrible idea, refusing the addition. The fireworks began: Toshi- “Maybe people will like their taco stuff in a bun rather than a shell” Michael- “People want their tacos in taco shells!!“ There seemed to be no end to this feud. The two separated, the business was never started. They didn't speak to each other for the next four years.

In that time Del-Taco came out with a “Bun-Taco”. It failed miserably. Michael was right.

One summer afternoon while golfing at the Hole-N-Juan whacky ballz, Toshi heard the screeching sound of a little girl who apparently got a hole-n-one. He looked over. It was Michael, screaming and dancing like he’d just won the Super-Bowl. The two mended their differences and immediately starting brain storming for new ideas.

Michael spent most of his life living in Huntington Beach surfing the waves of Southern California. Working on his tan. In a never ending search for the perfect ride. (Unfortunately, most of them wanted dinner and a movie) He also worked as an escort and did some modeling for fashion and industry publications.

Toshi, abandoned as a child in the menacing streets of Beverly Hills, took up the ways of the Ninja, in hopes of one day becoming a high-paid assassin.

They knew with their combined effort and talent they would surely create a great business together, and perhaps a long-lasting friendship. They reviewed their abilities: Michael could pleasure women with a precision that was almost mechanical. A master at romance, he was often over-heard saying things like “Did you gain weight?“ and “I was aiming for your chest“. While Toshi could instill fear in the mind of any two-year-old with a single glance; immobilizing his subject. They also knew a little about Music and Art.

So there they were, another hot summer night in front of the very same Rock-N-Bowl where they had met years ago. Michael tossed a coin into the air.

Heads: They would move to the Bahamas, take up wind-surfing with the natives and perhaps start their own Coconut-Bowl. Tails: They would start their own Band. Creating songs you could wrap yourself up in. Hopefully creating memories in the lives of others.

Toshi called it in the air.


Michael Danke, Chad Raffety, Toshi Yanagi and Tim Santen Started the band Museum a while back and have since created two records:
Lost and Unbroken. - We think they're super fantastic. Unbroken being the most recent

Song pages containing samples can be heard begining here.
Additional songs in the form of alternate versions or remixes and the like will appear from time to time throughout the site.
An example would be the 2009 acoustic version of Past. It was never put on any record and is free to download.

Chad Raffety was not available to perform on Unbroken but was always present in our thoughts during the recordings, and still provides an influence, always.

Tim Lesh joined the guys on Unbroken, performing most drum parts as well as assisting in mixing the record.

Michael Tayor also played drums on several tracks of Unbroken. His myspace page.

Chistopher Davis played his King Doublebass (Blondie) on Bedroom Cinema. He also played Bass on Annie.

Hunter Maclaod provided additional Vocals as well as assisted Michael with guitar work during some initial track downs.

Dicky Barrett (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) provided some monster backing vocal tracks.

Cary Raffety Co-produced this recent effort and has been a strong supporter of Museum in general.

Toshi can be seen nightly on the ABC Show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Toshi has also just released his first solo effort Hello Humanoids. Michael is credited throughout the record for lyrics and mixing. Dicky Barrett, Sheila E and others appear as well.Samples from the record can be heard here.

We will be supporting this latest release with live performances. We'll post here with details later. If you would like to be notified about performances and updates in general, visit our contact page.

Erin Santen, Jeff Bashore and Shuji Kobayashi have provided photography and Videos since the beginning of Museum.

Images, Songs and Videos will be added from time to time. Again, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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